Treasure House is a fun community of modern, environmentally conscious parents. 

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If you want to learn more about our Policy, please visit our Terms and Conditions

  • How can I send in my clothes?

    There are two ways to send your clothes once they are washed, ironed and packed in a strong bag.

    You may either 1) drop the box off at your nearest DPD drop-off point anywhere in the UK, or 2) arrange for our courier to collect it from your home or office in London.

    In case you don't have a suitable bag, we can send you a free Treasure House bag. You can request a free bag on the Trade In page!

  • Shipping costs (sending/buying clothes)

    Sending clothes to Treasure House is completely free of charge!

    When you buy clothes from Treasure House, shipping is free if your purchase is over £25! If your purchase is less than £25, shipping costs £0.99

  • How many clothes can I send?

    You can send as many clothes as you wish - more clothes means more Credit!

  • Delivery time

    Delivery time is  ~2 working days. 

  • Can I return an item?

    For detailed information see our Return Policy

    Of course, you can always return an item if you are not fully satisfied.
    Send us an email at customerservice@treasurehouse.com or on our website chat and we will arrange everything for you!

  • Refunds

    After the refund is approved, we will refund you according to the payment method you chose for your purchase.  If you bought with credit, we will refund credit to your account.  In case you purchased with cash, we will refund your Credit/Debit card or PayPal.

    Returned items must be in “optimal conditions”. Please be aware that any Tags must be still attached to the item for returns to be accepted.

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  • What products do you accept?

    We accept clothes for 18 months to 12 years old children, but they must be in good condition and fault free

  • What don’t you accept?

    We do not accept:
    Personal wear: Pyjamas, socks, underwear, all-in- ones & leotards, caps, sleeping bags etc.
    Footwear: shoes, trainers, boots, baby shoes
    Faulty or damaged wear: clothes with stains, missing buttons & damaged zips, worn prints & discoloured fabrics, loose threads, holes & tears, missing sequins etc.

  • What Brands do you accept?

    We accept brands across the fashion spectrum. Starting with high-end brands, such as Burberry, Hugo Boss and Gucci, medium-end brands such as Petit Bateau, Ted Baker, and Benetton and more common brands like H&M, Marks & Spencer and Mothercare.

    We do not accept mass-market brands (e.g. Primark, Asda, Tesco, etc.).

    We accept brands from all over the world and are always open to expand our list over time!

    Please check out our list of brands accepted

  • Do you also swap other children’s products, such as buggies, toys and so on?

    No, we only swap children’s clothes.

  • Do you accept clothes that have a missing label?

    Yes, if it’s possible to identify the brand from the clothes (e.g. Ralph Lauren logo on tee shirt).

    However, please be aware that we have many years of experience within the clothing industry, and can easily identify copies/fakes.

  • I want to send an item, but the brand does not appear in your list. Can I send it anyway?

    Yes, we are always looking for new brands to assess and add to our list.

    If the brand is high quality, it can be sent to us. We will carefully check the brand and, if it fits with our policy, we will be happy to add it to our list!

  • Why did you reject my clothes?

    We perform very accurate quality checks using technologically advanced equipment to spot every small stain or imperfection. We will email you the reasons for rejection, but they will also appear in your account, under My Shipments.

    Some common reasons for rejection are:
    Worn print or fabric
    Discoloured or faded
    Rips or tears
    Missing buttons or broken zips
    Brand not accepted
    Rhinestones or sequins missing
    Fake brand or not recognisable
    Item hasn’t been washed & ironed

  • What happen to the rejected clothes? Can I have them back?

    Items that are not suitable to be traded on Treasure House are donated to charities at our expense!

    However, we do give you the chance to get your clothes back for £3.99.
    You need to request a return within 72 hours from your account in the My Shipment area. The 72 hours start from the receiving of our rejection email

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Store Credit
  • What is Credit?

    Store Credit is the credit you receive for the clothes you submit. This credit allows you to purchase other clothes on our website, unlocking amazing deals.

    There is a Store Credit cap of £1000

    To find out more, visit the Store Credit Policy page

  • Does Store Credit expire?

    Yes, after a 1 year of inactivity it will expire, and be automatically deleted from your account.

    However, it is enough to make a new purchase or a new shipment within the year to keep your Store Credit balance up to date.

    To find out more, visit the Store Credit Policy page

  • How much are my clothes worth?

    We give you a credit in Store Credit Pounds for every item you send us. This credit is based on the assessment of 4 factors:

    • Brand
    • Size
    • Type of clothes
    • Condition (gently used vs new with tag)

    Assess the value of your clothes here

    Note: We don’t receive a “fee” for the service or charge you for anything – everything you earn goes directly to your account.

  • How much are new clothes with tags worth?

    If you send us new clothes with the original tag, you will receive an extra ~50% Store Credit vs sending the same item, but preloved.

    (e.g., The value of a preloved jumper is 20 Store Credit Pounds; the value of the same jumper, new with tags, is 30 Store Credit Pounds].

  • How do I know my credit in Store Credit?

    Every time you send us clothes, we'll send you an email summarising the number of Store Credit Pounds you have gained (per bag sent).

    You can check your total balance from you account any time

  • When is my Store Credit added to my account?

    Typically, within 2 to 3 days from when your clothes arrive at our address, but can take a bit longer during busy periods.

    Once our team has completed the quality check, you’ll receive an email.
    This contains details of the Store Credit Pounds added, and the details of accepted/rejected items.
    In the My Shipment section you can always review all the shipments completed and find the information above (e.g. reasons for rejection)

  • I have no Store Credit Pounds, can I shop anyway?

    Yes, you can simply pay with a debit/credit card or via PayPal

  • I don’t have enough Store Credit Pounds to complete the payment, can I buy some additional credit?

    Yes, a window will pop up automatically at check out if you don’t have enough Store Credit to complete the transaction. You pay £1 per missing Store Credit 

    (E.g. A jumper costs £20 Buttons but you have only 10 Store Credit Pounds available. You pay £10 and 10 Store Credit Pounds – the 10 Store Credit Pounds from your Account, £10 to ‘replace’ the 10 missing Store Credit.

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  • How do I buy clothes?

    You can either swap or shop at Treasure House:

    • Swap if you have Store Credit Pounds and use them to purchase any clothes on our website
    • Shopping is just as easy, just using debit/credit card or PayPal. Still super competitive, with up to 90% off vs retail price

    When you add an item to the cart, they remain reserved for 45 minutes, which allows us to be “fair” with our community - every treasure is unique and we feel that everyone should have the opportunity to access this gem.

    After 45 minutes, the item becomes accessible to everyone again if you have not completed the transaction.

  • How can I assess the size?

    The product page will provide all the information needed. The size is taken from the original label, but we also measure the item along the seams to provide even greater accuracy.

    Please visit our size guide

  • Can I shop for Hidden Treasures before everyone else?

    Yes, you can!

    Hidden Treasures is a brilliant research tool that allows you to customise your clothing research, selecting the clothes that you wish for your children. Whenever we upload an item that matches something in your saved research, we notify you!

    This allows you to purchase exactly what you want as soon as it is uploaded to our platform, and before anyone else!

You can pay by MasterCard, Visa, AMEX or Paypal and all of your transactions are secure and safe.
New customers can pick any one item for under £15 as their free gift.  In this case, the customer pays only 0.99p shipping.  Beware, each household can get one free gift only.
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