1. Coat, Pink
    Tutto Piccolo


    18-24 M



  2. Coat, beige, Beige


    8-9 Y



  3. Jumper, Red
    Pour Moi


    6-7 Y



  4. Skirt, Pink


    1-3 M




What is Treasure House?
We offer parents a new way to shop high-quality, pre-loved clothing at unbeatable prices! Has your kid outgrown his favourite clothes? …Perfect! Just send them to us and receive Store Credit in Pounds to spend on new, amazing clothes!
How do I buy beautiful clothes at 90% OFF?
You can either buy clothes via Card / PayPal or via Store Credit you earn from trading in your kid's clothes.
How do I earn store credit?
It's easy! Just send us your kid's outgrown clothes. For each piece that passes our quality checks, you will receive proportional Store Credit in Pounds directly into your account.
Can I send you all of my pre-loved clothes?
We accept clothes for 0-16 years old children from almost any brand, but only fault-free clothes in excellent condition pass our rigorous quality checks!
If I send in clothes, how much credit will I earn? 
We assess the value of your clothes according to several factors: quality, condition (pre-loved vs new with tag), brand, size and type of clothes sent. Find out how much you can earn with our Store Credit Calculator!

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Our Brands

Treasure House

Treasure House is not a typical online store. We provide a new experience for modern, conscientious and fashionable shoppers. Choose from thousands of pre-loved and new items of every style from the world’s most favourite designers of children’s fashion. Shirts, trousers, jeans, jackets, coats, dresses, t-shirts, all up to 90% off high street prices.

Explore brands like Fendi, Blumarine, Harmont & Blaine, Simonetta, Roberto Cavalli and many more. Each new arrival gets personal treatment to make sure we offer only the best quality products that more children can enjoy. Our experts curate styles to stay in trend, so that you get the best international brands for the best prices, as simple as that, with no compromise.

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The fashion industry is a major contributor to global pollution and the trend of fast fashion further worsens this impact. Meanwhile, we throw out beautiful clothes every day. By swapping your unused clothes on Treasure House, you help tackle unnecessary waste. You will reduce the demand for manufacturing of new products, saving energy and resources. Moreover, instead of buying clothes from outside of Europe needing long transport, you will be buying clothes which are already here, in the UK!

Additionally, all clothes which do not meet our standards for any reason will be donated to charities supporting children in need. What’s not to love?

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